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A Very Special Episode of Everything Is Stupid: The Musical!


Yep. It’s a live studio shot of the boys recording this very special episode!

It’s the season finale of Everything Is Stupid! In this episode, the boys bring you love and grace, as they sing (yes, sing) the entire episode.

What could be better than three arogant, lonely, tone-def jerks gently serenading you with the mundane details of their everyday boring lives?

In this episode: Casey had a weird call at work with a woman who threatened to snuff herself; Greg spent money he shouldn’t have on things he doesn’t really need; Adam woke up at two in the afternoon, but, sadly, it doesn’t really matter.

Though we are sad and depressed, as I’m sure you are, that this is the last episode of the first season of Everything Is Stupid, rest assured that we will be back in thirteen short weeks, bringing you only the best in podcasting gold!

In the meantime, look for some clip shows, best-of episodes, and unheard blooper reals on our iTunes channel, YouTube channel, and website, to tide you over. And don’t even think about killing yourself before we are back!

And now, enjoy the season finale of Everything Is Stupid!