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The Axolotl Episode: Conspiracies


cheap myambutol medicine If your into conspiracies, survivalism, and paranoia, you’ll love Survival Nuts!

This week’s podcast is all about conspiracies. Did we land on the moon, or was it all an elaborate hoax perpetrated by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick? Is the government behind 9/11? The Boston Marathon bombing? Cheez Wiz? Did Bill Hicks fake his own death only to come back as Alex Jones? Did Jesus change Coke into Pepsi?

Whatever. It’s all a bunch of bologna, and it’s all stupid.

Pilot Episode: The Mantis Shrimp Episode: Boston Marathon

boston-marathonThis week’s episode is dedicated to those who perished in the Boston Marathon Bombing, a sheer act of utter stupidity and awfulness. May the people behind the attack be infested with brain-eating parasites and have their frontal lobes slowly and painfully liquifed, and drip slowly out of their nose and ears.

Terrorists are idiots. What they believe is stupid, whether they are home-grown anti-government crazies, or radical Islamist cave-dwelling troglodytes. They should all be rounded up, along with NASCAR fans and anyone who bought Baconnaise, and sent to Chad (the country) to be forced to eat PCP and fight each other on pay-per-view television for our entertainment.

Oh yeah, there are a bunch of ideas as well for how atheists can mess with Pentecostal churches.


DISCLAIMER: In this episode, we insult and offend the following (in no particular order):

  • Germans
  • Cheap lasix 40 mg

  • Southerners
  • indocin generic name

  • Christianity (Pentacostalism, in particular)
  • Muslims
  • The general public
  • Victims of terrorist attacks
  • Media
  • The KKK
  • Martha Stewart
  • South Africans