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The Kinkajou Episode: Compact Cassette Tapes, Greedy Children, and Walkabout Willy


It’s a CCT, asshole.

It’s the penultimate episode of Season One of Everything Is Stupid! In this episode, Adam set up microphone 2 wrong, so it’s another shitty-sounding crock of shit!

On the bright side, though, the boys had some bad thoughts on some good things.

Whatever happened to cassette tapes? And why haven’t hipsters glommed onto them, yet? Cassette tapes were easy to carry, easy to transport, and it was eight tons of fun to record your band over your mom’s Yanni tapes back in the mid-1990s. You just can’t do that with a CD or MP3. Try it. We dare you.

Speaking of the long long time ago, in the before time, remember how fucking terrible and greedy you were as a little brat? We do. Trust us; you were awful.

Finally, this week we have a guest appearance from that wily Aussie, Walkabout Willy. For some reason, he decided to stop by our studio to bore us about the particulars of this week’s animal, the kinkajou.

As a bonus, Casey performs an original song for you. How sweet!