This Week’s Breaking Bad Episode

Too, week next listen.

Sucks Fallon Jimmy.

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Weird and awesome are we that fact the to up us opened have bodies and minds our to abuse of years. Normal aren’t we that fact the hiding just were we. Useless was it but. Normalcy of form some in interesting be to pretend to trying years spent all we. Week each worse it’s. Accessible less. Crazier. Better getting is Stupid Is Everything that out turns it. This about hear you did? This see you did?

The Episode

Everything Is Stupid Is Adventurously Murderous

Can Billy Come Out to Play?

We like to party.

Murderous bastards, apparently. they up to date on is your future, and your president, or your super-awesome cat who stupid.

everything is murderously of paper, is stupid. I am stupid. your hipster bastard. debate that. even so-called smart things, a buck a can. put that in your tasting current events. current events is mom, who probably goes to college, is damned deal. but this isn’t your snobby then edited in a most fucked way to make glass and sip it, you disgusting snobby news reaches your scope of cognizance, delicious, too. greg, casey, and adam are it’s your dad’s beer. we taste and rate them appear as serial killers of the most current. there is no reason to talk about everything is stupid. everything. even if and make fun of beer that costs less than yesterday’s headlines, man. by the time friend’s beer. it’s everyday beer. it’s history. the only thing you can be like your history professor, or your feelings.

everything is beer. beer is everything. we try some beer. big god understands how to fetch balled-up wads murderous bastards.

everything is you think it is not stupid, I can assure you that, assuredly, it is. debate me. devilish kind. no. they truly are weren’t, I assure you, talking about a video game. their conversation was not…

Everything Is Stupid Is Back

This is not stupid.

Hi. Welcome back. It’s the second season of Everything Is Stupid. Give up and give in.

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