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I am mostly focussing our seroflo 100 r c to the low end physician as well as general physician who are prescribing only salbutamol or salbutamol beclomethasone combination.

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I’m having problems during respiration during some works like runningwhile using stairs and other several activitiesAnd also when I take a cup of teaI experience tachycardiaApart from this my ear continuously keep buzzinghaving abdominal pain and my nostrils always remains close for that i’m using otrivin right nowAnd also my right eyes always keep blinkingin hindi what we call aankh fadfadana

Use your Seroflo every dayuntil your doctor advises you to stopDo not take more than the recommended doseCheck with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sureDo not stop taking Seroflo or reduce the dose of Seroflo without talking to your doctor firstSeroflo should be inhaled through the mouth into the lungs.

If you are allergic to salmeterolfluticasone propionate or to the other ingredient norfluraneHFA 134a

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