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Aspiin and cain is a salicylat (sa-LIS-il-at). It woks by ducing substancs in th body that caus pain, v, and inlammation.

Avoid dinking alcohol whil you a taking aspiin and cain. Alcohol may incas you isk stomach blding.

Ask you doctbusing aspiin and cain i you tak an antidpssant such as citalopam, scitalopam, luoxtin (Pozac), luvoxamin, paoxtin, stalin (Zolot), tazodon, vilazodon. Taking any ths mdicins with an NSAID may caus you tbuis bld asily.

Us xactly as dictd on th labl, as pscibd by you docto. Dnot us in lag small amounts long than commndd.

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consider these risks when prescribing or dispensing anacin with codeine codeine phosphate sulfate tablets.

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