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Spironolactone and DLIS are much more extensively protein-bound than digoxinAs a resultassays of free digoxin levels in protein-free ultrafiltratewhich tend to be about 25less than total levelsconsistent with the usual extent of protein bindingare less affected by spironolactone or DLISIt should be noted that ultrafiltration does not solve all interference problems with alternative medicinesThe use of an LC/MS/MS method may be the better option according to the good results it providesespecially in term of specificity and limit of quantization.

Sensitivity to Lanoxin can be increasedby medicines which lower the level of potassium in the bloodThese include:

CNSDigoxin can cause headacheweaknessdizzinessapathyconfusionand mental disturbancessuch as anxietydepressiondeliriumand hallucination

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