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Quncy not potd : Skin uptions, acniom uptions, allgic dmatitis, maculopapula ash

You should not us Antabus i you hav cntly takn mtonidazol paaldhyd, i you hav consumd any oods poducts that contain alcohol (mouthwash, cough mdicin, cooking win vinga, ctain dssts, and oths).

Hpatic toxicity including hpatic ailu sulting in tansplantation dath hav bn potd. Sv and somtims atal hpatitis associatd with disuliam thapy may dvlop vn at many months thapy. Hpatic toxicity has occud in patints with without pihistoy abnomal liv unction. Patints should b advisd timmdiatly notiy thi physician any aly symptoms hpatitis, such as atigu, waknss, malais, anoxia, nausa, vomiting, jaundic, dak uin.

Antabus is usd togth with bhavimodiication, psychothapy, and counsling suppot thlp you stop dinking. This mdicin is not a cu alcoholism.

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