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Polongd us antibiotics may pomot th ovgowth nonsuscptibl oganisms, including ungi. Should supinction occu, appopiat masus should b takn. Patints with gonoha whalshav syphilis should b givn additional appopiat pantal pnicillin tatmnt. Tatmnt with ampicillin dos not pclud th nd sugical pocdus, paticulaly in staphylococcal inctions.

Th combination ampicillin and sulbactam injction is usd ttat ctain inctions causd by bactia, including inctions th skin, mal poductiv ogans, and abdomn (stomach aa). Ampicillin is in a class mdications calld pnicillin-lik antibiotics. It woks by stopping th gowth bactia. Sulbactam is in a class mdications calld bta-lactamas inhibitos. It woks by pvnting bactia om dstoying ampicillin.

Gam-Ngativ: Hmophilus inlunza; Nissia gonohoa and N. Mningitids ; Potus miabilis , and many stains Salmonlla (including S. typhosa ), Shiglla , and schichia coli .

This documnt dos not contain all possibl sid cts and oths may occu. Chck with you physician additional inomation about sid cts.

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the antibiotics offered by publix, which enjoy an norm price tag relating 10 and 60, be amoxicillin, cephalexin, sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim, penicillin vk, ciprofloxacin, ampicillin and erythromycin.

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