The Hammerhead Worm Episode: Depression, Impersonations, and Family Life

It's a baked potato. Very funny, indeed.

It’s a baked potato. Very funny, indeed.

Where the Hell has Everything Is Stupid been? Well, folks, we had some important business to take care of, last week. Casey broke his hipbone tripping over his cat, and required extensive surgery to keep his active lifestyle intact. There were some complications, of course, when the lead surgeon accidentally dropped his iPod Nano inside Casey and sewed it up in there.

Adam, on the other hand, was busy with this world record he’s trying for to have the biggest sculpture of a baked potato made out of mashed potatoes. Luckily, the world record is held by the only person who ever attempted it, six-year-old Jimmy Fletcher of Dallas, Texas. And it’s roughly the size of half of a real baked potato. I don’t know what is taking Adam so long.

Greg, as would be expected, has been off sailing with Mother and Father, on a two-week long voyage from Tampa to Maine up the coastline to have a family dinner with Brother and Cousin. I guarantee there is no animosity or arguing going on during this trip. They are having a grand time, and are probably hugging at this very moment.

This week, Casey complains, Adam does another impersonation, and Greg’s life is perfect.

Oh. Also, they are no longer publishing new podcasts on Wednesdays; look for them on Sundays, instead. It’s the Lord’s day.

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