The Great Sage Grouse Episode: Earwax, Drugs, and Candy Bars


Hi. I’m Michelle Bachmann, and God approves this podcast.

Oh, man. Everything Is Stupid went off, this week. There was anger and sadness, screaming and crying, and drinking and driving. Casey bruised his stupid eardrum, and reminds everyone to heed the instructions on that box of cotton swabs. Lots of talk about beards (the facial, manly kind; not the girlfriend of the gay guy), Michelle Bachmann, and curse words. Just your typical week of men yelling at each other.

Woody Allen makes a guest appearance, or the worst Woody Allen impersonation ever. Adam sucks at being anyone but Adam. That should make you happy. Casey tells you how he likes to be described, instead of “ugly,” and Greg is a fricking Snickers commercial when his blood sugar has dropped.

It’s a good week.

duphalac price in chennai Epilogue: So, Everything Is Stupid, apparently, hurt the feelings of the host of another podcast, called The ABC’s of Whatever, and they talked about it on their show. About how their feelings were hurt, and how they’d never received any hate towards their show before. The producers of Everything Is Stupid would, therefore, like to apologize to… ANYONE WHO HAS HAD TO SIT THROUGH THE ABC’S OF WHATEVER. I’m sure their families have to be so over it, by now. And their “15,000” other listeners.


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